Founded in 1733, Savannah is the old city in Georgia. This beautiful city is known for its rich history. It was the buffer between the American and Spanish colonies, which is seen by the infusion of cultures around the city.

The many neighborhoods are like a walk through history with architecture of different time periods in U.S. history. Main attractions include the Savannah Historic District, Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, and Chippewa Square.

Looking for a unique, culture-filled neighborhood to settle down in? Here are some of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Savannah:

The Savannah Historic District

Immerse yourself in the charm of the Savannah Historic District. This neighborhood actually maintains the original town layout from 1733 and is filled with history from the Revolutionary and Civil Wars.

With 1800-style architecture, cobblestone streets, forts, and monuments, a walk through this neighborhood is like talking a walk back in time. 

Experience a relaxed atmosphere as you wander your way through 22 parks, local shops, and tons of restaurants. Enjoy ferry and trolley rides, horse-drawn carriages, museums, and an ample amount of tours. History buffs, this may be just the place for you!

Tybee Island

Just 30-minute drive outside of Downtown Savannah is the gorgeous Tybee Island. It's a small barrier island with a rich history. Main attractions include the pier and pavilion, Fort Screven, and the Tybee Lighthouse.

The lighthouse has been guarding the entrance of the Savannah River since 1736, and it’s still functioning! If you’re looking to move your family to the beach, Tybee Island may be perfect for you.

The island also has good school districts and many options for outdoor activities for the kids. Get the quiet beach life with the family while only having a short drive to a lively city.

Skidway Island

Similar to Tybee Island but perfect for retirement is Skidway Island. Indulge yourself in the beach life while still having so many activities nearby.

If you enjoy the outdoors, experience the many golf courses, as well as campsites in Skidway State Park, and Wassaw Wildlife Refuge’s barrier islands. The island has over 30 miles of hiking trails and is only 30 minutes outside of Savannah.

The gated community of Skidway is The Landings, home to some of the most influential people in Savannah as it's comprised of a wealth of retirees, executives, and a variety of families.

Skidway Island offers the best of all worlds: a close community, many outdoor experiences, and the beach life while also being close to the liveliness of Savannah.

Ardsley Park and Chatham Crescent | Midtown

Want to move to a family-friendly, lively area? Take a close look at Ardsley Park and Chatham Crescent in Midtown. As the oldest subdivision of Savannah, this neighborhood is jam-packed with rich culture and history.

The fusion of Northern and Southern colonies cultures is the most apparent here with a combination of Spanish and Belgian architecture as well as Beaux arts style; seeing all of these gorgeous styles at once is like being in a movie scene..

The area is comprised of open-minded thinkers, couples, families, and modern-minded intellects. Enjoy the small-town feeling with kids riding bikes and playing in the park squares while being minutes away from the city.

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Cover photo courtesy of Unsplash