Taco shops are sprouting up everywhere, and Savannah has several of these top destinations serving authentic Mexican street-style fare with fresh ingredients and top-quality tortillas. 

There are also some Savannah restaurants offering new takes on tacos. Regardless of the type of tacos you want, here is our list of the best places to find them in Savannah. 

Bull Street Taco

Bull Street Taco is nestled inside a renovated 20th century brick warehouse and is an institution in Savannah. The menu has 11 taco varieties, including standard filling choices like chicken, baja fish, and carnitas. 

They also offer vegetarian tacos like the red chile tempura cauliflower and roasted mushroom taco. Bull Street Taco gives people the exciting option of throwing their own taco party with different sizes of taco boxes to take home. 

Tequila's Town

The owners and operators of Tequila's Town got their start in Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico. With that kind of background, one can expect authentic tacos that resemble the same creations available from traditional Mexican street trucks. 

Tequila's Town offers 11 different taco variations and serves them in a three-taco meal that comes with a side of house-made hot salsa. They also have a lunch special that includes two soft or crispy shell tacos. 

Flacos Tacos Savannah

Flacos Tacos has multiple locations in the Savannah area, and Business Insider recently ranked them as one of the top 50 restaurants for tacos in the country. Patrons can choose from their simple menu that includes taco fillings like marinated pork, chicken, slow-cooked pork, beef, and fish. 

The menu is very affordable with four tacos and a drink only costing $10. Flacos Tacos also has great portion sizes, leaving people satisfied and coming back for more. 

Kayak Kafe

Kayak Kafe has two Savannah locations and a more modern fusion take on their tacos. They serve unique combinations like roasted pacific wild cod tacos, Southwestern wild Georgia shrimp tacos, and BBQ pulled pork and pineapple tacos. 

Fresh ingredients are paramount at Kayak Kafe, and their corn tortillas are 100% non-GMO and gluten-free. Their three-taco plates are available for $13 and come with sliced avocado, latin cabbage salad, pico de gallo, cilantro sour cream, and an organic green salad. 

Panaderia La Canasta

Panaderia La Canasta is a Mexican bakery known around town for their tacos. They have authentic, affordable tacos with fillings like beef, pork al pastor, and chicken. 

Panaderia La Canasta is particularly lauded for the quality of their corn tortillas, and you can get some pastries to pair with your tacos while you're at it.

Whichever Savannah taco shop you choose, great tastes await!

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Cover photo courtesy of PxHere