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Maya Reviews on The Quarter Sports Bar & Grill 6 months ago

The Quarter Sports Bar & Grill

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This place DISCRIMINATES and REFUSES ENTRY and SERVICE to any VETERAN, HANDICAPS AND DISABLES PEOPLE with a service dog!!! So, IF YOU ARE : a VETERAN with PTSD, an AUTISTIC, an EPILEPSIC, an HANDICAP or a DISABLE person, or if, like me, you need a medical service dog for, in my case, a mortal heart disease and heart condition including an internal implanted heart defibrillator or if you have any other medical, physical or emotional problem that requires you to have a service dog to help you, than DON'T GO THERE (or go and than you could sue them afterwards) because if you have a service dog for any other reason than « blindness », they will refuse you entry (yeah, they are that ignorant to think that service dogs are only for blind people!!) Here's what happen with me. I went there with a friend of mine and I have a medical heart condition that requires me to have a medical service dog to help me (she's - my dog - been with me for 8 years now).. well we got there, we weren't in for 5 seconds, when this ARROGANT, RUDE, IGNORANT barman (name Dave, I learn is name afterwards) litterally yell at me saying, and I quote:  "  we don't «do» dogs here! " my friend responded, before I

Pros: None!

Cons: Everything!

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